How to look taller- 10 practical Do’s and Don’ts

How to look taller than you actually are? I wouldn’t definitively say what height number is short and what’s not. It’s all relative. Rest assured, this blog post is not exclusively for short people, but anyone who wants to give themselves an illusion of height and want to learn how to look taller through their dressing and style.

Do’s and Don’ts of How to look taller

Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts on how to look taller based on your styling.

1. DO: High rise is your friend.

woman wearing a high waist jean and black crop top

Mid-rise and high-rise trousers or jeans reinforce the rule of thirds for styling. Simply put, the rule of third’s is an infallible way to achieve well-balanced outfits. For instance, in the figure, the top 1/3rd part is the top, and the jeans take up the remaining 2/3rds of the outfit. This rule can also be applied in the reverse. Also, if you are layering with a cardigan or a coat on top, but still follow the rule of thirds with your top and bottom pieces, the overall outfit will still look quite put-together.

Coming back to our main point, a high-rise trouser will give the illusion of longer legs thus making you seem taller than you actually are.

2. DO: Monochrome outfits

woman wearing a black suit

Monochrome outfits are an effortless way to achieve height. According to the color theory, addition of white to a pure color gives tints, addition of black gives shades while the addition of gray gives various tones. Therefore, monochrome outfits can consist of any shades, tints or tones.

Generally speaking, contrasting colors cut your body where they meet. This is not the case for monochrome outfits; again, providing the wearer with some additional illusion of height.

3. DO’s Longer Kurta’s

How to look taller with a long kurta

This point is specifically for our beloved Ethnic wear.

Go for a longer kameez or kurta with a shalwar or palazzo. For visual perception, an ideal kurta length will usually go well beyond your knees. You could even go for floor-length gowns or Anarkali’s for a polished look.

4. DON’T: Dropped waist dresses

woman wearing a plum dropped waist dress

Unfortunately, all we can see these days in fast fashion are these dropped waist dresses.

I would say they look unflattering on just about everyone. But if you are on the shorter side, these dresses won’t do anything to add to your charm. Therefore, it’s best to just skip them.

5. DO: Empire waist style

woman wearing a mint green empire dress

Instead of dropped waist, try empire waist style.

Empire waist silhouette is designed for the bodice to end just below the bust, giving the appearance of a higher waistline. Additionally, this style draws attention to the smallest part of your waist.

6. DON’T: Shoes that cut your calf

women wearing cowboy boots

Like contrasting clothes, any shoes or boots that end at your calf will make your legs look shorter than they are.

Therefore, any calf length boot or sandal is a no no. These items cut you at your calf so it’s best to avoid these to look taller.

Additionally, you can match the colors of your shoes and pants. These steps will trick the observer’s eye that your feet are an extension of your legs thereby achieving our goal.

7. DON’T: Ankle straps

woman wearing a strappy black heel

Similar to calf boots, ankle straps too cut at your ankle. Your legs and feet appear separate entities making you look shorter.

Shoes without ankle straps are an effective way to look taller.

Although I must admit ankle straps have a great grip. If you must, then choose a skinny ankle strap than a bulkier one and one that is closest to your skin tone so that it can blend well with your skin.

8. DON’T: Ankle length bottoms

woman wearing ankle length jeans

Following the logic of the previous point, avoid anything that cuts your ankle at an awkward length. Like strappy heels, ankle length jeans do the same thing.

Instead opt for full length trousers ideally with heels.

9. DON’T: Extra fabric around the ankle.

woman wearing wide leg jeans

Extra fabric around the ankles is an absolute NO. This generally tends to occur with full length trousers.

To look taller, opt for heels as an alternative for sneakers or sandals.

10. DO: Pointy toes

pointy toe heels

Pointy toe shoes or heels are your best bet. They look chic and help illude the eyes of longer legs. And longer legs equal confidence. While we are talking about feeling confident, check out these grooming tips that will make your look and feel expensive.

There you go!

10 practical Do’s and Don’ts on how to look taller. It’s all about tricking the eye and feeling confident in your dressing sense. Also let me know in the comments which tip was the most helpful.

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