Top 8 Grooming Tips To Look Expensive And Irresistable

Have you ever wondered why some people might be dressed just like you are, but they still manage to look expensive? That is because we sometimes overlook small details that are actually quite important. Or as it’s said the devil is the details! Take a look at these top grooming tips to look expensive.

Grooming tools like scissor, tweezer, highlighter and brow definer

I think you’ll agree with me when I say most of us put so much effort into making sure we look nice for our birthdays and special occasions. Well, why don’t we keep up with that all year? This doesn’t necessarily mean picking out a new dress or putting on makeup every day. It’s the little tips and tricks that make you look polished. And it looks look like you are putting in so much work when actually, it can be achieved with minimal effort.

You deserve to feel your absolute best all 365 days of the year. Let’s discuss what are these grooming tips that will make you look expensive and for the sake of ease, let’s take it from top to bottom.

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The best grooming tips to look expensive any time of the day

1. Keep up with your hair color (if you have one)

I don’t get my hair colored (like ever) because I like my natural shade of brown. Although, I do know that keeping up with root touch-ups and other hair appointments is rather difficult.

blonde woman wearing a white shirt

Having said that I must confess that not taking care of your hair color severely downgrades your overall appearance. This might also be the most time-consuming of all the grooming tips.

Try finding a routine and frequency of appointments that you can keep up with regularly. Also, make sure you are okay with it financially too. It will make all the difference in the world. Imagine you have luscious locks all the time. What a glow-up that would be! Even your hair will thank you.

2. Choose the right makeup for yourself

If you don’t wear makeup at all, feel free to skip to the next point. Some people like wearing makeup, some don’t. Personal choices.

woman holding a bottle of clinique foundation

However, if you do wear makeup, you need to understand your skin tone and your undertones before investing in foundations and concealers. The easiest trick in the book is to use samplers to match the shades with your skin tone. Do not, I repeat, do not rely solely on indoor lighting like those inside a mall. It’s important to see your skin in natural lighting.

Oh yes! and take into account your summer and winter shades. Most people have different foundation shades for the two seasons so make sure you know which shades suit you the best during those two seasons.

I use another trick with concealers to achieve a no-makeup makeup look. One shade lighter for brightening some areas and an exact shade match to use instead of a foundation. Some highlighter and nude lipstick and you’re good to go!

3. Choose the right makeup for the right occasion

Leave the glam look and heavy foundations for night-outs and parties. You must keep in mind the occasion and cater to what is most appropriate. If in doubt, always go for a minimal look.

makeup flatlay

For office looks or interviews, choose minimal foundation or better yet skip it altogether. The concealer trick will be just right. Keep it fresh and clean.

You can always put on a brighter shade for some after-work drinks. Easy day-to-night transition!

These points might seem insignificant, you might even be doing them without conscious thought. But once you put these grooming tips into action, you will look expensive.

4. Take care of your mouth

woman standing by the sea

By mouth, I mean your teeth. Keep your dental hygiene up to the mark. I would even recommend sorting out your teeth if they are bothering you in any way.

Oh, and don’t forget your lips. Use a lip scrub to get rid of chapped lips and keep them moisturized. Especially if you like wearing matte lipsticks. They have a tendency to settle into lip creases and it doesn’t look very polished.

I personally don’t like heavily glossed lips. And it’s not without reason. It’s that awkward moment when your hair gets stuck on the gloss. Did you know that for this same reason “No lip gloss” is part of the royal beauty rule! Anyways, just a little bit of sheen can go a long way if you like the look of glossy lips.

5. Skip the scrunchie from your wrist

Can we please be done with this trend of scrunchies around your wrist?

scrunchie on a woman's wrist

Imagine you have put on a power suit. You look confident, and you feel confident! You look in the mirror and there it is- the scrunchie on your wrist. It’s such an eyesore.

It’s probably also the most frequently committed grooming mistake. It doesn’t look elegant at all. Just put it in your bag. It’s not doing you any favors sitting around your wrist.

In all fairness, this is why trends are risky. People have strayed far away from their personal style and sometimes it just looks like a bunch of random trends put together.

6. Avoid chipped nails

woman tending to her nails

Another task in your list of appointments? Not really.

Our hands are an essential part of our self-expression. So, avoid chipped nails at all costs.

Even if there is a long time between your nail appointments, I recommend learning to take care of your nails so you can fix them easily. Check out my practical guide to having beautiful and elegant nails.

7. Always iron your clothes

woman wearing a grey shirt

Ironing your clothes will instantly elevate your entire outfit.

If you have to take away one thing from this series, it’s this one.

Invest in a good portable steamer and iron those wrinkles away.

You can also wear natural fabrics like linen which gives that perfect lived-in look. Plus, they look expensive, and the wrinkles don’t look bad at all.

8. Always smell nice

Perfume velvet haze by byredo

Smelling nice is for you. It will elevate your mood and confidence.

Observe what types of scents you like; flowery, fresh, or musky. But beware there will always be a difference between what the perfume smells straight from the bottle and how it smells after reacting with your skin and natural body odor.

Therefore, it’s very important to experiment with fragrances. The easiest way to do that is to buy perfume testers. Start with what sort of fragrances you like and test them through your routines. See what works for you and invest in that.

Well, there you go.

Top 8 grooming tips to look expensive. Usually, it’s the small tweaks that make the big impact. The details that we so easily overlook but that do not go unnoticed by others. Having said that, it’s important for you to feel your best in order to be confident. Confidence undoubtedly opens up many avenues in life. Having a nice grooming ritual will keep you at the top of your game and before you know it becomes second nature. As I’m writing this, I know for sure there will be a part 2 for this. If you want me to address some specific issue, drop it in the comments.

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