5 simple yet brilliant non-skincare tips you need to know

Non-skincare tips that will take you towards achieving a healthy glowing skin.

We are always exploring for skincare tips, tricks and hacks. However, have you ever pondered that there might be other contributing factors, impacting the state of our skin. These include our diet, exercise, stress levels etc. But today I will be talking about the most important non-skincare tips that might elevate your skin game!

Let’s begin.

Non-skincare tips for glowing skin

1. Drink adequate water

a glass of water as one of the non-skincare tips

Our body is about 50-70% water. Don’t be mistaken, water will not cure your acne or other skin conditions. However, I’ve seen most people drink a lot less water than the recommended amount. If we are dehydrated, the water content in our stratum corneum will also drop. Therefore, drink enough water, ideally in the range of 2 to 3L. This recommendation includes water obtained from food too.

I must warn that there is such a thing as drinking too much water. This can disrupt your electrolyte balance or simply put, the sodium content in your body can drop leading to hyponatremia. So, don’t overdo stuff; too much of a good thing can be bad too.

2. Wash makeup brushes

makeup brushes

This is a very important point. I clean my makeup brushes and sponges after every use. I will admit, it’s relatively easy for me to do so, since I only wear makeup on special occasions. However, if you routinely wear makeup, invest in a second set of brushes or be mindful of cleaning them regularly.

3. Clean my phone regularly

an iphone

Our phones are extremely dirty, and they regularly come in contact with our face.

Make a note to sanitize your phone daily. Your skin will thank you.

4. Change my washcloth regularly

green wash cloth

As most people, I too use a separate washcloth for my face. And I use a separate one for every day of the week. Keep in mind that wet washcloths are a breeding ground for mold, so keep them in an aerated area or bin until it’s time for the next wash cycle.

5. Not touching my face

If Covid-19 has taught us something, it’s this. STOP touching your face. And the pandemic has also proved to be a great habit builder in this case.

a woman touching her face

I used to touch my face a lot and it was no surprise that I suffered from frequent breakouts. But wearing masks prevented me from touching my face. Now, the masks are gone (hopefully), but fortunately the habit remains. Following the same reasoning, before doing your skincare routine, wash your hands.

There you go! 5 non-skincare tips to help you get clear glowing skin. Notice I said help, because we know skincare is important too. And in some cases, the help of a dermatologist is crucial too. If you are struggling with any particular skin concern, do consult a medical professional. No article on the internet will substitute the experience and knowledge of a trained professional.

Having said that, these non-skincare tips have helped me and my skin tremendously. They are such simple and little things that we can easily integrate into our habits. So much so that once you form the habits, you won’t even realize that you are doing them until you see a difference in your skin. Check out my skincare routine for combination skin here. If you want to learn from the best, check out these amazing skincare experts.

Let me know in the comments below, which tip was your favorite and if YOU have any non-skincare tips that you do which helped you transform your skin.

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