Beautiful And Elegant Nails: A Practical Guide

Achieve elegant nails in 5 simple steps. A practical guide on how to choose the right length, color and shape to get the most beautiful and elegant nails every time.

neutral nails

For a few years now, I have been fascinated with long nails. So, I started experimenting with various lengths, colors and shapes etc to find my personal favorites.

However soon after that, I realized that I resonated most with an elegant personal style. Elegance to me implies timeless style, considerate mannerism, effective strategies and tasteful appearance. So, naturally I wanted my hands and nails to have a classy, polished look too.

Therefore, I researched and compiled my best tips to have beautiful and elegant nails.

Let’s explore.


clean short nails

Hygiene is a no-brainer for elegant nails.

Most of us talk with our hands and our hands are one of the first things people notice about us. So, it’s imperative to keep your hands and nails clean. We’ll talk about the lengths of nails in the next point, but whatever your preferred length maybe, use a separate brush to keep the underside of your nails clean. You cannot possibly think of having elegant nails if you don’t pay proper attention to the hand hygiene.


hydrated hands

Elegant nails and Hydration go hand in hand.

As a part of taking care of your nails, keep in mind that your hands and nails look hydrated and moisturized. Use cuticle oil for the nails as well as a base coat to prevent staining of your natural nails. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands regularly.

Ideal Length

elegant red nails

Length makes or breaks the elegant nails.

Length of the nails can make all the difference between being elegant or tacky. Personally, I think small to mid-length nails are appropriate and look elegant. What’s more is that they are extremely functional.

Likewise, long nails kind of look distasteful. Is it just me or do any of you dislike the noise of long nails on the phone screen while typing? Well, maybe that’s why I don’t have long nails.

Nail Shapes

neutral nails

What is the most elegant nail shape?

Now we are considering shapes for small to mid-length nails. I believe square-oval or sometimes called squoval is the most elegant nail shape. The thin French tips look most graceful on this shape. However, you can choose from oval, square or even an almond shape for small to mid-length nails,

Nail Colors

essie nail paint

What is the most elegant nail color?

The most sophisticated nail colors are neutrals, sheer pinks or reds like burgundy or even plum shades. If you ask my preference, I love all kinds of neutrals and browns. Even a thin French tip!

But let’s be honest pastels are having their moment right now. People love pastels and so do I. Although these nail colors are not deemed elegant in the traditional sense, but I guess they are okay since pastels look subdued especially when used on a sheer base.

The only nail colors I despise are neon’s and glitters; they look immature. While we are on the subject of nail colors, there’s nothing worse than chipped nail paint. I agree that we get busy in our lives to immediately go to the nail salon and get them sorted, but the least we can do is learn their upkeep for periods in-between appointments.

Elegance for me is about looking and feeling polished without it being in the face of anybody. Check out these grooming tips for looking elegant and expensive.

That’s it!

Follow this guide to get the most beautiful and elegant nails. Which elegance tip is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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