Mindful Living: 5 Things You Don’t Need to buy

Mindful living. The meaning of this phrase is deeper than we think and know. Just like every other concept, it has varying meanings to different people. To some it may mean taking control of their thoughts and their life while to others it may mean controlling their spending habits. As always, it’s a multi-faceted concept and today we’ll talk about a tiny aspect of mindful living and spending.

I’m going to be honest. I’m not a minimalist and I don’t hope to be one. However, I do try to live mindfully anywhere and everywhere that I can. Over the past few years, I have given up buying some things that no longer serve me either because I found an eco-friendly option and the switch was pretty effortless or because I found a much nicer working alternative. So, here are 5 things I no longer buy and why I don’t need to either. And what I use instead.

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1. Disposable toothbrushes

four bamboo toothbrushes

I had long been contemplating switching to a toothbrush made out of natural substances like bamboo, but I procrastinated this purchase for quite some time and I’m so glad now that I did. The reason is that I found electric toothbrushes purely out of needing to boost my dental hygiene.

Therefore, I made the swap and never looked back. Read here why I made the switch.

And don’t get me wrong, I still have to buy the bristle part after some months, but on the whole, I feel the electric toothbrush is still a better alternative than disposable plastic toothbrushes or even bamboo ones.

You can find the one I have here or shop for a similar one here.

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2. Makeup wipes

To be honest, I don’t understand why we are still having to talk about this.

a pack of makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are harsh on your skin. All they do is move the product around without actually cleansing your skin properly. And be honest, does it take just a single makeup wipe to remove all of your makeup? No, right. Either way, imagine how much waste is being created if you use one wipe every day for a year.

Ditch them!

Well, not exactly. Use up whatever you have in stock and then stop buying more.

Instead, invest in a nice cleansing balm. Gone are the days when you would scrub your eyes raw in order to remove your waterproof mascara and still have remnants of eye makeup the next morning. Yikes!

I promise you; the experience of a cleansing balm will be enough to motivate you to remove your makeup. Click here to read about my current alternative to makeup wipes. I use the Wishful Clean genie Cleansing butter.

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3. Disposable cotton rounds

It’s essentially the same logic as makeup wipes regarding waste production. Disposable cotton rounds create so much waste and it’s all unnecessary. Mindful living is not about selfishly thinking about your needs. You must be mindful of what you are taking and what you are contributing back to the resources.

three disposable cotton rounds

Just pour your toner or essence directly onto your palms and pat on your skin. The feeling is much nicer than dragging a cotton round on your face.

Moreover, they absorb a lot of your product, so why not prefer for your skincare products to last longer? Nevertheless, I understand some people do prefer using rounds. I do too (although rarely) and I would suggest them to buy reusable bamboo or cotton rounds.

Shop reusable cotton rounds that I use here (US) and here (India). Don’t want to buy new ones, cut up your old cotton T-shirt and double it up. You have your reusable cotton rounds. Mindful living is about not buying unnecessary stuff, but it is also about how you consume the stuff you already have.

4. Sheet masks

woman holding a sheet mask

Sheet masks are fine. I used to like them at some point in time, especially the hydrating ones.

But now they don’t sit well with my routine. And so, I can no longer justify spending money on disposable sheet masks.

I would rather purchase a mask with hydrating ingredients that comes in a tube and can be used multiple times.

Here’s why.

The first and foremost reason is personal preference. After using a sheet mask, I always break out the next day. Still haven’t solved the mystery.

The second would be the wasteful nature of a sheet mask. This includes outer plastic packing, then the sheet mask itself and sometimes the sheet mask also includes a clear plastic lining. And sure, some would argue that these days we have a reusable silicone sheet mask but those too come with their own sets of problems including fit issues according to face shapes or ethnicities.

Third would be the amount of serum used (and might I add, wasted) in a sheet mask. I would rather buy a serum bottle that would last me a month.

Lastly, the exorbitant amount of money some companies are charging for a one-time use sheet mask is baffling! So, unfortunately, it’s a NO for me.

5. Uncomfortable shoes

beige heels

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. Yes! even heels.

I love heels but I’m at a point in my life where I no longer wish to compromise on comfort when it comes to things like shoes. And believe me, I have beautiful comfortable heels.

I’m a fan of pointed toes. They look much more polished than the square-toe trend that we are currently seeing around. Although they are not much comfortable. So, as far as heel height is concerned, I usually stay in the “2 inches and under” domain. This helps me wear what I feel the best in and also not compromise on either style or comfort.

Mindful living is a journey. You learn as you go. Everyone has different needs, and they may or may not align with yours at this moment.

That’s it for now. I will keep sharing the things that are no longer on my shopping list (and some that are). Until then, let me know what things have you stopped buying and why?

Penny for your thoughts?