7 unusual but uplifting holiday self-care ideas to know

Most people find the Holidays can be extremely stressful. Now this could be because of strained family dynamics or a packed holiday schedule or just trying to do too much and ignoring your physical and mental health. Not this year. We have got some very unconventional but powerful holiday self-care ideas for 2022.

Your search on “How to avoid holiday stress” or “Self-care practices for the holidays” comes to an end with this post. I won’t include the usual tips including Go for a walk or exercise or things like that, because everybody knows that.

Okay, let’s dive in.

Get ahead of your reading list

library shelves

Reading is a joyous activity for many. If you haven’t tried, you must.

But don’t be bent out of shape on the choice of books. Find what soothes you and read that. The world will tell you that you need another self-help book, but you don’t. The term “Self-help” has a negative connotation. It essentially means that there is something wrong with you. There isn’t.

Susan Piver a bestselling author says that:

Self-help tells the idea that the mind that causes the problem will be the mind that fixes it.

But we come from a place of wholeness and whatever we perceive as broken in ourselves is just confusion.

– Susan Piver

So, you should rather approach “Self-help” books as a guide on taking inspiration for ideas on how to live a better life.

But if you enjoy fantasy fiction, read fantasy fiction. If you enjoy biographies and autobiographies, read that.

Don’t let someone tell you what is it that you enjoy.

I would recommend joining an online community, where you can see what other people are enjoying and track what is it that you enjoy. Not only that, but it also lets you explore new genres. I love Goodreads. I just joined it a few months ago. I can easily shelf books I want to read or those I want to revisit in the future. Add me a friend if you want to see what kind of books I’m currently reading.

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just breathe

Feeling anxious and stressed during the holidays?

Learn to do some breathwork.

Dr. Andrew Huberman recently posted an awesome technique to instantly reduce stress which was already quite common in the meditation community.

That is to make your exhales a lot longer than your inhales. It signals your brain to slow down your heart rate.

But don’t take my word for it, take Dr. Huberman’s. Check out this amazing episode on Mastering Stress by Huberman Labs.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) or Float therapy

floatation tank

I’m going to be honest. I have never tried it. But I have heard amazing things about it. The concept behind this is to eliminate any external stimuli and float in a saturated bath of Epsom salt also known as a sensory deprivation tank. If you’ve got one near you, try it to promote deep relaxation of the mind and the body. It also significantly promotes optimism and sleep quality and reduces stress and anxiety.

Make a healthy comfort drink or meal

hot cocoa

You know the drink that makes you want to curl up and be a cozy burrito? Yes. Make that for yourself. It will help energize and satiate your emotional needs. Food has a very significant relationship with our emotions. So, it’s always good to nurture that in a healthy way. This is my favorite holiday self-care practice that I do. I love hot-cocoa and whenever I’m feeling down, I usually indulge in a hot steaming mug of hot-cocoa. But I have managed to make it a tad bit healthier and adjusted to my taste preferences.

Get my favorite hot-cocoa recipe with Holiday self-care practices PDF. ⬇️

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Make a stovetop potpourri


Make your house smell nice and cozy with your favorite herbs and spices. Think easy blends with stuff you already got in your kitchen or check out these 3 simple ones to try. The winter pine pot is my favorite.

Technology break


You know when you are anxious, and you think binging another season of a show or doom scrolling on Instagram will make you feel better? Sorry to break the bubble but it won’t. Try limiting technology and social media and engage with the present moment. Ground yourself in reality, feel deeply whatever it is you are feeling and connect with your loved ones.

And lastly, the most important self-care practice that you can do for yourself is..

Give yourself permission to say NO to social events

say no

Don’t burn yourself out for the sake of engaging in meaningless social gatherings. Only say Yes to what is important to you. Also, if it helps, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and let them be known to everyone in advance so you may enjoy each other’s time and company to the fullest.

That’s it from my side. Make sure to try these self-care ideas during the holidays and let me know how it goes.

Get my favorite hot-cocoa recipe with Holiday self-care practices PDF. ⬇️

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Also let me know in the comments below, what are your most favored holiday self-care practices?

Penny for your thoughts?