Decorating with stripes: 11 unbelievably easy styling tips to know

Stripes are in for 2022 home styling! Although a softer version of them. For instance, earthy tones rather than bold black and white stripes decor and thinner stripes instead of bolder ones. You get the idea. But how do you start decorating with stripes while maintaining the essence of your space?

What can I do with stripes?

Do you just paint a vertical striped wall? Or perhaps a striped wallpaper? There must be subtle ways for decorating with stripes and incorporating them in your space. Ways that don’t essentially require you to redo your paint or wallpaper every two years. Yikes!

Good news is Yes, there are!

clear glass vase

I’m going to be honest, stripes are probably my least favorite style, both in clothing and home decor items. Despite my personal distaste for decorating a space with stripes, I do think they are both sleek and modern, if done correctly.

Which is why, I have collected some creative home styling tips to integrate stripes while decorating your space. These ideas will subtly elevate the space and most of these have a blend of texture within them.

Even for people who love stripes but are bored of the traditional striped colors, these ideas are bound to be a breath of fresh air.


Ideas for decorating with stripes

1. Pillows

striped pillow and striped throw

These pointers are in no particular order. But let’s start with pillows. Add striped pillows to style your living room or bedroom.

Who doesn’t love pillows? Soft and comfy, they are the simplest way to elevate your space. You can use them for bringing texture and/or color to your area.

But the trick is to not spend money on new pillows every time you want to swap your home decor items. Conversely, just buy new pillow covers and watch them transform the area. You can do the same with a throw blanket. Choose a neutral color to give a touch of minimalism or an accent color to make it pop!

2. Table covers


Feeling bored of plaid red and checkered blue table covers? Replace these with cotton or linen striped style in a neutral color so you can let your gorgeous serve ware do the talking. Alternatively, you can choose to do the same for table runners or even napkins.

3. Bamboo chairs

bamboo chair

Thinking of buying an accent chair? Ditch the fabric and leather ones for this chic bamboo chair. Did you notice the stripes?

Add some pillows and a textured throw to make it comfortable and stylish. Even better if it’s in a corner with lots of sunlight. The shadowy play of stripes on the walls and floor will take it up a notch.

4. Vases

I can never get enough of vases. Also, if you like floral arrangements, chances are you already have an assortment of vases. Try to collect vases with diverse characters, heights and textures. These can easily be switched up according to trends and seasons. Opt for whites, clear, translucent ones for a fresh feel during the summer and spring. Your vase shape and size will also determine the type of flower or foliage arrangement.

Swap your boring vase and decorate with vertical or horizontal stripes for an instant upgrade.

horizontal striped vase
glass vase
striped vase

5. Storage baskets

Storage baskets might be the easiest pieces to style. We all need storage options. The more, the better! So, why not do it in style. Look for some striped pattern and you are good to go!

I mostly prefer a covered basket especially with some play of color.

storage basket along a staircase
navy storage basket

6. Drink ware and Serve ware

This one is my favorite category. I believe there are beautiful serve ware options for everyone out there. And you don’t have to stick to traditional stripes for this one either. What’s more is that beautiful plates and bowls also serve as decorative pieces when they are not being used.

So, pick what you like in a color that you like the best.

earthen serveware
mug on a bed

7. Rugs

rugs for decorating with stripes

Moving on to some expensive pieces like rugs. Rugs bring the space together and spruce up your home; in that sense, they are a must have. Pair solid bright colored furniture with a monochromatic striped rug. Likewise, if you want to bring loads of color into the room, opt for a brighter shade of rug.

8. Furniture

Furniture can also be used to amalgamate stripes into your design. But beware, generally furniture is an investment piece and chances are you will be using it for a long time. Therefore, if you don’t actually like stripes, play with smaller accent pieces (shown below) that you can easily and routinely shuffle.

I love this striped room divider from La Banda collection from Sarah Ellison– a leading interior stylist based in Australia. Check out her collection here.

living room
cozy corner

9. Striped Wall Art

Like furniture, artwork is also usually expensive, especially if you are commissioning from an artist. But you can always DIY your art pieces or buy digital prints from a small artist. I found this beautiful striped wall art piece on Etsy.

10. Lights

outdoor seating

Lights are the essence of the room. You can change the mood with your lights. You can even change the appearance of your paint with the appropriate lights. Therefore, light fixtures are an excellent way of decorating with stripes.

Bonus: Accents

porcelain vase

Accent pieces are a unique and easily swappable way of decorating your space with stripes. These beautiful palm leaves show how effortlessly an accent piece can bring character into your home decor. What’s more is that these can be switched with every trend wave (but only if you want).

There you are. 10 ways and a bonus styling tip of decorating with stripes and enlivening up your place.

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Let me know which idea was your favorite and share with me in the comments if you have some unique ideas.

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